Why do we visit the dentist twice a year?

This week on The Rahny Taylor Morning Show, Erin and the group spoke about why it's so important to visit the dentist regularly. There are a couple key takeaways here:

  1. How often you should see your dentist is something that you should decide with your dental health professional. While the average is once every 6 months, some people would greatly benefit from going more frequently. 
  2. Visiting your dentist regularly allows your dental health professional to assess how your home dental care is going. Checking on the health of your gums is extremely important and being able to catch any decay early will benefit you in more ways than one.
  3. Even the best brusher could get decay between their teeth. Flossing regularly is a good way to try to prevent this type of decay but going to see your dentist regularly will allow them to check and see how everything is looking. X-rays can be very helpful in catching decay between the teeth early.

So remember, visit your dentist regularly and discuss with them how often you should be going to properly care for your teeth!