Winter Weather Tips

Since snow is already on the ground, we thought that we should talk about the inevitable: winter. It might not technically be winter yet, but it sure feels like it is! With all this cold, dry air we’d like to offer a couple of tips for your oral health.

  1. Carry Chapstick. Well, it doesn’t have to be the brandname Chapstick (although that IS what Dr. Wilk carries) but be sure to carry some kind of lip balm or vaseline with you. The dry air can really make your lips susceptible to chapping and cracking and keeping them moisturized also makes it more comfortable to brush and floss every day!

  2. Drink Water! This is just never going to get old. =) There is very little moisture in the air at this time of year, so drinking water not only helps to keep your teeth clean, but it keeps your mouth, lips and entire body hydrated, which is always a good thing.

  3. Replace Your Toothbrush. Well, you should be doing this at least every 6 months, but more like every 3-4 months. Even if you have recently replaced it, if you are experiencing your first winter cold or flu, throw your existing toothbrush (or toothbrush head, if you are using an electric toothbrush) away and buy yourself a new one. Germ-free is the way to go! On that note, please don’t share your toothbrush with anyone.

  4. Address Sensitivity: If at any time the cold air causes sensitivity with your teeth, please be sure to call your dentist right away.

These tips can help keep your mouth and overall health in better shape this time of year. Enjoy the start of the season everyone! Stay warm, stay hydrated and keep on Sharing Smiles!

Preparing for Fall!

It’s about this time every year, where you are supposed to do a checklist of things to prepare your house for the changing of the seasons. Checking the gutters, changing the furnace filter and replacing batteries in your fire alarms are just a few examples. We think this is also a great time of year to do a few things to make sure your dental health is taken care of. 

  1. Replace your toothbrush! Similar to replacing your furnace filter, it is time to get a new toothbrush! You should actually do this every 4 - 6 months to make sure you have the best tools to properly care for your teeth.

  2. Eliminate one bad habit or start a good one. This is a great time of year to pick ONE thing that you know you need to work on and do it. Whether it is drinking less soda, flossing every day or eliminating sugary snacks throughout the day, start it now. If we begin implementing this now, we should have a good foundation to stay strong with this habit throughout the holiday season, which can be challenging.

  3. Drink more water! We know pumpkin lattes are delicious, but be sure you are drinking water throughout the day to rinse your teeth of sugar and acid. In addition, as it gets colder and drier outside, we need more water! 

  4. Check your insurance benefits. This is the time of year to see what you still have remaining in your dental insurance benefits so that you can maximize them. If you have been holding off on something, do it now, before the chaos of the holidays. Even if you don’t have benefits left, if you need dental treatment you should work out a way to get that done so that your mouth is in good health as the holidays approach. 

Use this time of year to get yourself prepared for the holidays, make the most of your dental benefits and set good oral hygiene habits!

Join Us for a FREE Educational Seminar on Tooth Replacement!

Part of our mission of Sharing Smiles means that we do everything we can to educate our patients and our community about their dental health. Tomorrow we are hosting a FREE Implant Seminar to discuss what tooth replacement options there are, how they compare to each other and hopefully help guide you to determining which option would be best for you!

If you or someone you know is interested in this, please reserve a seat by calling our office at 262-673-7826! You do not need to be a patient to attend and there is NO COST for this event!

We look forward to seeing you there!

July 2018 Implant Seminar.png

Have You Scheduled Your Child's Summer Dental Visit?

Summer is here! And it’s almost official (June 21!). So, it’s time for staying up late, bonfires on weeknights and crazy camp schedules, right? Well, yes. Many of us at Grand Avenue Dental Care have young children and understand the busy-ness of summer all too well. That is why we recommend that you schedule your family's dental visits right away. 

For some of us, we have young ones who are just starting 4k or kindergarten this coming year. For these kiddos, there is usually a dental examination that is required by the school district before registration. For others, we know that our kids are overdue for their cleaning or they might need some dental treatment to address some areas of decay. In both of these situations, you should call your dentist now and get these appointments scheduled. 

We all know how the summer can fly. Before we know it, it will be August 15th and we will have mere weeks before the chaos of the school year starts back up. This is the kind of situation that we want our patients to avoid. By calling to schedule your appointments now, you will reserve your ideal time, check another to-do item off of your list and be able to enjoy the rest of your summer as lackadaisically as you can. No rush involved. Sounds nice, right?

As a way to celebrate all that is summer, we are offering a Summer Sealant Special!  A sealant is a bit of material that is painted on to the biting surface of the tooth to protect the grooves of the tooth from decay. They are a wonderful thing for both kids and adults, but can be particularly helpful in preventing cavities in younger children who are still perfecting their brushing habits! 

From now until September 1st, 2018, all sealants will be 1/2 off! That’s a savings of over $25.00!

2018 Sealant Special Booster Coupon.png

Call us today and take advantage of our Summer Sealant Special and get one more step closer to knocking that to-do list out of the park!