Why Are X-Rays Important? Find out on Tooth Day Tuesday!

Yesterday was Tooth Day Tuesday and Erin was on with Rahny and the team at 97.3 talking about the importance and safety of X-Rays and how new dental technology is making the implant process easier. 

Listen to the full segment below but here are a few key takeaways from the conversation:

  • X-Rays are important to your dental health. They can see things that the naked eye cannot see. If you have decay between your teeth, and X-Ray is really the only way to find that.
  • Digital X-Rays have very low levels of radiation, making them very safe for patients.
  • 3-D X-Rays allow doctors to see how deep and wide your jaw bone is, allowing for implant placement to be much more specific and exact. This makes the process easier for the dentist and the patients!