Teeth Whitening - It’s Everywhere!

These days it seems we can find the words “teeth whitening” on nearly every product in the dental aisle. The truth is that, as a country, we spend $1.5 billion annually on teeth whitening products! That is a lot of money and the results will vary greatly based on what the product is and where you got it from. One of the biggest questions we get is: What is the difference between over-the-counter teeth whitening products compared to what we can provide you in the dental office?

Well, we’ve put together a list for you!

Over-The-Counter Whitening Projects:

  • Treat extrinsic stains (on the surface of your teeth)
  • Use hydrogen peroxide to help whiten
  • Have limited amounts of active ingredients they can use 
  • Use a one-size-fits-all mentality, where the size of the trays and the percentage of whitening agents are the same for everyone

In-Office Teeth Whitening Options:

  • Treat intrinsic stains that go deeper than the surface of your teeth
  • Use several active ingredients (including hydrogen peroxide) to whiten your teeth
  • Have a much higher percentage of active ingredients for quicker, more noticeable results
  • Can be customized for each individual patient. We make trays for each person and will recommend a whitening product and percentage that we think is best for you!

Here at Grand Avenue Dental Care, we recommend that you speak to your dentist or hygienist about which whitening product would be best for you and your lifestyle. In our office, we offer both in-office whitening and take-home whitening options, both of which can be very effective. Our ‘Whitening For Life' program allows our patients to spend just $99.00 to get custom made trays to take home and use with a high percentage whitening solution. As long as you keep up with your regular dental appointments (every 6 months), we continue to give you additional whitening solution to use with your trays! 

Using a whitening toothpaste at home will still help in removing external stains from your teeth, but if you want to really jump start your whitening, we recommend you speak to your dental professional to get the best options for you!