Sharing Smiles

Sharing Smiles Kid's Day 2019!

It’s that time again! We are hosting our 7th annual Sharing Smiles Kid’s Day on Saturday, August 17th!

We will be providing free dental care to members of the Boys and Girls Clubs of Washington County and Big Brothers Big Sisters of Washington County as a way to support our community and get our kids ready for the school year!

In addition, from 10am to 2pm we will be having a cookout/brat fry, root beer floats, raffle prizes and games right in our parking lot! All money raised during this time will be split between the two charitable organizations! We will also be collecting school supplies, so come on out!

Grab lunch, have some fun, buy some raffle tickets and support TWO great causes!

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Our 9th Annual Sharing Smiles Event is Almost Here!

Saturday, March 16th, will mark our NINTH Sharing Smiles event. This is a day where we offer free dental care to community members who are in need but without means to get the care that they need. We invite community members, ages six and up to join us for FREE dental care.

Our Sharing Smiles events started nine years ago, when Dr. Wilk asked his staff (a bit smaller at that time) to come in and volunteer on a Saturday, and to give of their time and talents to serve the community. Over the years, we have treated hundreds of patients at no charge, donating well over $100,000 of dental care to community members in need.

This year, in 2019, we will have 4-5 dentists, 4-5 hygienists, 4-5 dental assistants and more front office and supporting staff here to serve our great community! Our team will be made up of our staff, some family members and team members from PJ’s Dental Lab and Sheboygan Smile Center!

Thank you, in advance to everyone is coming together to make this day possible, including Perc Place and Sal’s Pizzeria for donating food to our volunteer staff! We just love our community!

If you are in need of dental care, we invite you to join us on Saturday, March 16th from 8:00 a.m. to 3:00 p.m. Registration begins at 7:00 a.m.


Kindness, Love and Sharing Smiles

Many of us know exactly where we were on this day seventeen years ago. We know who we were with and what we were doing. We watched on TV as the unthinkable happened and we likely had mixed emotions as the day unfolded. 

Today we remember those who bravely ran into the buildings to help strangers. We remember all of those who volunteered to help in the wreckage afterwards. We remember all of those who did not make it home on the evening of September 11, 2001. 

As we remember what 9/11 was and how it affected all of us, may we also take stock today of what we have and be grateful for it. While we remember those who helped strangers and ran into burning buildings, might we also help others in some small way. What better way to remember those who gave everything than by giving back in our own community?

So, today and all week, we encourage everyone to practice Sharing Smiles. Buy someone’s coffee while in line at the drive-through. Help someone cross the street. Carry someone’s groceries. More than anything else today, let’s practice kindness and love. 

After all, isn't that what gets us though? Kindness, Love and Sharing Smiles. 

Sharing Smiles at the State Fair

It’s August in Wisconsin, so there’s a good chance you’ll be heading to the State Fair (or county fair!) in the near future. (Cream puffs, anyone?!) When at these special events, how can you enjoy yourself, take in some of the delicious food and drink, and still take care of your teeth? 

There's no doubt, that at special events like these, we tend to eat and drink a little differently than normal. (At least we hope so. A cream puff a day might be a bit too much. Double check with your physician.) The truth is, that’s OK. As we frequently say to our patients here at Grand Avenue Dental Care, “everything in moderation”. As we don’t go around eating food on sticks and cream puffs everyday, a trip to the state fair is part of the ‘moderation’ we talk about. However, there are still a few things you can do to take good care of your oral health while out at the fair!

Tip #1: Drink water throughout your day at the fair. This is a no-brainer not just for your teeth, but your whole body. It will keep you hydrated, it will help to rinse debris from between your teeth and it will help to restore your mouth to a neutral pH level after eating or drinking something acidic. 

Tip #2: If possible avoid the super sticky foods. These kinds of treats tend to trick you by sticking into the grooves of your teeth and between your teeth, making your mouth more susceptible to cavities. Instead, eat some dairy (cheese or milk) when you can to help neutralize any acidity in your mouth.

Tip #3: Eat some crunchy, raw vegetables or fruit with your meal. Even corn on the cob can help push sugar-y foods off of your teeth. Just remember to floss later! (and rinse with water!)

Tip #4: Chew sugar-free gum in-between snacks or meals. This can help remove debris from your teeth and will also keep your breath fresh!

Tip #5: Bring floss in your purse or pocket! Just in case that corn on the cob, or some other food on a stick, gets stuck between your teeth. A quick flossing session and you’re good to go!

Ultimately, these kinds of summer traditions are the things we want to enjoy and ‘splurge’ on. Drink water throughout the day to help keep your mouth at a neutral pH level and less susceptible to cavities while you enjoy the deliciousness of the fair. You also might want to put your dentist’s phone number into your phone. That way, if you ever have a dental emergency, you’ll be set!

See you at the Dairy Pavilion!

Keep on Sharing Smiles- Tips on How to Maintain Your Smile!

In February we focused a lot on how to take care of your teeth when we did our school visits to celebrate Children’s Dental Health Awareness Month. The truth is, being able to maintain our smile and care for our teeth at home is just as important for adults as it is for kids. And, it’s not too difficult to do!

  1. Be sure your home care is off to a good start! Brush your teeth for 2 minutes, 2 times a day, every day! Removing the build-up from the day is hugely important in keeping the enamel of your teeth strong and your teeth healthy.  In addition to brushing twice a day (morning and night), floss your teeth once a day. A good amount of your total tooth structure exists between your teeth and, without flossing, you will never be able to remove the daily debris. Use your favorite floss or water flosser once a day and you will be showing some love to your teeth!
  2. Be sure to see your dentist regularly for your regular check-ups! Just as you brush your teeth TWO times per day, you should visit your dentist TWO times per year. Many people like to wait until they are in pain or have a broken tooth. If you wait until you have pain, you usually have a large amount of decay that has caused it. It is best to see your dentist on a set schedule, so that if there is any decay, we catch it early, and while it is still small and easy to remove. You should also know that if you have any form of periodontal (gum) disease, your dentist may want you to come in more frequently until there is improvement in your gum health. 
  3. Watch what you eat and drink! While genetics does play a role in how healthy our teeth are, it is more likely that what you eat and drink more greatly affects your teeth. For instance, drinks like soda, sports drinks, juice, coffee and tea are all acidic and they make your teeth more likely to get decay. It is hugely important that the main drink that you sip on all day is water, and that after you do have a coffee or other acidic drink, you rinse with water. Alternatively, snacks like cheese are the opposite of acidic and can make your mouth less susceptible to decay. So, adding cheese to your crackers could be benefit for your teeth. Here are some “go-to” snacks and some “sometimes” snacks that you should be aware of. Eat from the blue colume frequently and the other columns, well, just sometimes. 
This snack guide is courtesy of . Remember to eat LOTS from the blue column and only sometimes from the other two columns!

This snack guide is courtesy of Remember to eat LOTS from the blue column and only sometimes from the other two columns!

Remember- your mouth plays a big role in your overall health and taking care of your smile is a great step in taking care of YOU!