Smile Like a Celeb!

For years, celebrities have always had those ‘knockout’ smiles. The good news is that the technology that allows celebs to achieve those amazing results is available for everyone. So, regardless of what needs improving in your smile, there is a way that your dentist can help you to get that million dollar smile!

  1. Crooked teeth?  Braces, or orthodontics, will help you straighten your teeth so that they are aligned beautifully.
  2. Discolored Teeth?  Whitening is a treatment that can be done either in the office or at your home. This will take the overall shade of your teeth and whiten and brighten it just the right amount for you!
  3. Decay or Dark Spots on Front Teeth?  Composite Bonding is a dental treatment during which, the dentists remove decay and use a composite resin material to fill in the area. The tooth colored material can be applied to most surfaces of the teeth and gum line. Veneers are thin, tooth-colored coverings that are placed over existing teeth. They can cover damaged or dis-colored surfaces, look and feel very natural and they can give your smile a major makeover!
  4. Missing Teeth?  Implants can allow you to replace a missing tooth. An implant acts very much like your real tooth and can be placed almost anywhere in the mouth, giving you back your full 

No matter what the issue it, it’s nothing that you and your dentist can’t handle. Visit your dentist, discuss your concerns, make a plan and smile! We are here to serve you and help you to share your best smile possible!