The Early Years: Dental Care from the First Tooth

Often times parents have questions about when to take their children to the dentist for the first time and how best to help them care for their teeth. Let's break it down to a few easy to follow tips!

  1. Your baby should visit the dentist when they get their first tooth or when they hit their first birthday, whatever milestone comes first. To know a little bit more about what their first dental visit will be like, check out our blog here.
  2. Be sure to keep your children going to see the dentist every 6 months for their regular check-ups. With regular visits, by the time your child is three or four, they will be able to more easily sit through their hygiene appointment!
  3. Make sure that your kids drink water in between meals and snacks. This should make up the majority of their hydration as it helps to neutralize the pH of the mouth and keeps the teeth clean throughout the day. 
  4. Choose healthy snacks for your kids, based on their ages. Fresh fruit and vegetables are better than juices and fruit snacks and cheeses are great at neutralizing pH levels in the mouth also. For a more in depth snack guide and tips from Dr. Hollaway on how best to help care for your kid's teeth, click here.

At Grand Avenue Dental Care, we care greatly about you and your child's dental health. With early dental visits and healthy at-hom care, your child's dental health will be on the right track. If you ever have any questions about your child's teeth or oral health, please ask!