Show YOUR love this Valentine's Day!

It’s that time of year. Holding hands, extra hugs - and love everywhere!

We put together some tips on how you can show some love today to your favorite people and to your TEETH. Let's face it, a little extra love goes a long way.

  1. Try brushing your teeth together: You know what they say, the family that brushes together … SMILES together! Right? Well, at least they will have healthy teeth and good breath! Whether with your spouse, friend or kids, we all need to brush for TWO minutes, TWO times a day, so why not do it with your loved ones nearby? Try having a staring contest while brushing OR see who can make the silliest faces while polishing your pearly whites… all in all, have a good time and make it fun!
  2. Share your Smile with others! Be happy! No, really, even a simple thing like Sharing Smiles can make a big impact on both your loved ones, and strangers alike. Smiling activates neural messages that can benefit your overall outlook on the day, making you happier. It can also bring a smile to someone else’s face, having the same effect on them! Since our teeth can effect how we look, eat and smile, a healthy mouth can provide increased self-esteem and overall confidence. Practice self-love so that you can share more of it! 
  3. Be Healthy! We all know that being healthy is great for yourself, but let’s face it, it also shows your loved ones that you care about them too. And, it sets a great example for those little ones who are looking up to you. A big part of being healthy and taking care of yourself is making sure it begins with your mouth. Caring for your teeth can not just help prevent decay or gum diseases, but can possibly help prevent you from getting heart disease, stroke, diabetes and more. Early research is linking many diseases to your dental health, so start with your smile for your overall health! 

Happy Valentine's Day, everyone!