Happy Tooth Day Tuesday!

Just like every Tuesday, Erin was on The Rahny Taylor Morning Show on 97.3 this morning talking about a few common tooth issues. Bad breath and tooth whitening are topics that relate to a lot of people and yet aren't always easily discussed. As always, we are trying to make it easy and comfortable to talk about your oral health and get you the care you deserve.

Bad breath affects many people and trying to overcome it is generally easier than people think. Making sure your home care routine is a good one, and that you brush your teeth and tongue and floss, will help to ensure that your breath is fresh as can be.

Another topic that is everywhere these days is teeth whitening. Nearly every product in the tooth product aisle seems to be a whitening product. What is best for you and your teeth? Well, ultimately that is a conversation you should have with your dentist or hygienist. They can provide you with options that are best for you.

Listen below to hear the full interview: