Ask us how you can WIN YOUR DREAM VACATION!!

You may have seen the signs in the office or noticed the pictures of some of our finalists on our Facebook page. You may be wondering, "What is all this talk about a DREAM VACATION?!" Well, here's the low down.

We LOVE our patients. You've likely heard us say this before. There is no greater compliment than when one of our patients refers their friends or family members and entrusts us with their care. It is why we do what we do every day!

So, a few years ago, we decided that we should be doing more for our patients, especially when they pay us this great compliment of referring patients. We stepped up our referral program and created these contests! In 2016, we are giving away TWO (2) Dream Vacations! From January until June, we will choose FIVE (5) finalists EVERY month for a total of 30 finalists. From this pool of 30 finalists, ONE lucky person will be chosen at random to win a Dream Vacation of up to $7500! Then we will do the whole thing over again between July and December, giving one more Dream Vacation away to ONE lucky patient!

Entries into our WIN YOUR DREAM VACATION contest are easy to acquire! 

1. Become a new patient- just come and see us and you will get ONE entry!

2. Refer your friends and family to us: Every time you refer a new patient to us, you will get TWO entries!

3. Like us on Facebook! That will get you an entry!

4. Write an online review for us! Visit our office page on Facebook or google or Yelp and write us a review! It will get you three entries!

We will give away the first Dream Vacation at our patient appreciation event on July 15th! Stay tuned for more information and don't hesitate to ask our staff for more details on  how you can WIN YOUR DREAM VACATION! 

Where would you go??