Follow Up on 2015 Christmas Patient Giveaway Winner- Sue Ann!

Sue Ann has a story not unlike many we’ve heard before. When she came to see us last fall for her new patient exam, it had been 6 or 7 years since she had stepped into a dental office. Her anxiety and fear had won out and she was suffering because of it. She was in near-constant pain and her eating was severely limited. What she could eat, often had to be chewed differently and flossing and brushing became painful and problematic for her.

It wasn’t that she didn’t want to take care of her teeth. Her anxiety was built upon years of medical issues and bad experiences in the dental chair at other offices. Her medications affected her teeth and oral health and while she has been cigarette-free for some time now, she was a smoker at one point. Shame and anxiety had delayed her from going to seek treatment and after she lost her dental insurance, the struggle became even greater.

She knew she should take care of her teeth but her two daughter’s lives became priority and the years went on. When she found out that her old friend, LeAnne, had nominated her, she was blown away. She was also still a bit nervous. 

“I didn’t want to be shamed for what my teeth had become. I was worried that they would make me feel so bad for not getting help sooner.”

SueAnn discovered a very different experience when she walked in to Grand Avenue Dental Care. “Everyone I met, from Briana, at the front desk, to Jamie the assistant, to Dr. Wilk, was SO calming and reassuring. Dr. Wilk was very sensitive to the areas of concern in my mouth and they made me feel welcome and cared for.”

By the time she saw Dr. Smestad to have some teeth removed, she was very comfortable and felt like she was a part of the treatment plan. “I knew what was going on. I knew what we were going to do next. They made me feel like a person,” she said.

It’s true that Sue Ann’s smile can now light up a room. Her daughters are amazed at how much this has affected her daily life. “She smiles and laughs so much more! She’s still the same mom, she’s just shows it more,” her daughter said after her smile make over.

One of the things Sue Ann was most looking forward to was eating. While burgers and salads have been very difficult in years past, she couldn’t wait to get over to Culver’s for a celebratory meal with her family. Her biggest takeaway from her experience was not to let fear and anxiety delay you from taking care of yourself. She now knows how her smile affects so many other areas of her life and she is so grateful to LeAnne for nominating her and everyone at Grand Avenue Dental Care for all the help they gave her. “Thank you, thank you, THANK YOU!” 

Now that’s, Sharing Smiles. 

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